Loom Knitting

Over these past 2 months, the MM family have packed up our flat and moved to another condominium. This meant less focus on cooking and more on packing/unpacking! To keep my mind (and fingers) busy in the evenings, I picked up a new hobby; loom knitting.

What is loom knitting, you ask? It’s no-needles-knitting; instead of a pair of knitting needles, you use a frame with evenly spaced pegs (the loom) to wrap and loop over yarn in different ways to make different items, like beanies, scarves, and blankets. Still lost? Well, let me give you an example. Remember those little knitting nanna’s or knitting Nancy’s you had as a child to make braids and bracelets? That’s a type of knitting loom.

Loom Knitting

There are different types of looms, but I mostly use round looms or straight looms, with the occasional go on the knitting nanna.

Loom Knitting

I’ve always wanted to knit, but found the whole needles bit confusing. Loom knitting is very easy to do, and the best thing is that I can put it down if Miss G needs me and I won’t lose my spot.

There are tons of tutorials and videos on how to loom knit, so I won’t be making another at the moment. But I am going to leave a set of Youtube links for the 3 projects I make the most; an easy beginners beanie, a nice plush scarf, and the round and round 10 stitch blanket.

Knitting an Adult Hat on Round Loom on Youtube by starnstv

How to Loom Knit a Scarf – Crossed Stockinette Stitch on Youtube by Tuteate

10 Stitch Blanket for Loom Knitters on Youtube by Charity Windham

Where do you get looms from? I got my first set of round looms from Spotlight, my long looms online, and a modular kit also from Spotlight. Lincraft has stocked them in the past, and of course there are specialised websites where you can buy finer or larger gauge, and in different materials.

Loom Knitting

As I mentioned above, I mostly make hats, scarves, and blankets. In some of the photos you can see my current projects in progress; a 3 strand scarf on the long loom, and 2 different rainbow 10 stitch blankets on small rake-style looms. The smaller blanket is for Miss G, the larger thicker one is for CTO. The scarf is somebody’s Chrissie present, shhh!

This is a great hobby, so if you ever wanted to knit something, grab yourself a set of looms and get crafty!


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  1. carol soepboer says:

    I am using a 9cm straight loom from the Love Knitting loom kit i bought from walmart. it has different pieces to attach to one another pending on what you want to make. I attached 3 of the 9cm ( purple straight pieces) to make a scarf but i do not know how to cast off and finish the scarf


    1. mandismaking says:

      I’m so sorry for the late reply! For casting off, have a look at Loomahat, Scarlet Royale, Goodknitkisses, and Tuteate. They are all on YouTube and they have a lot of videos full of great tutorials and tricks.


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