G’day! My name is Mandi, I’m an expatriate Aussie wife and mum of 1, and I’m currently living it up in tropical Singapore with my husband and daughter.

I started writing up my ideas and recipes back in 2014, after I got a few requests for recipes from friends and family when I was still a new mum. I then decided to blog them to make them more accessible! Fast forward a few years, and my family shifted continents to a country rich with great food and a fantastic dining culture, which has already inspired my kitchen and tastebuds for the better.

My focus on this blog is to make projects (be they food, cosmetics or cleaners) with real ingredients, uncomplicated, quick (if possible), and purse-friendly. I don’t like recipes with a long list of ingredients or a ton of steps, and I try to keep them family-friendly so little hands can help along the way.

When I’m not working on my blog, I’m reading, going to Zumba, eating the best dry wantan mee in Singapore with a can of 100 Plus, or hunting for Pokemon with my family.