Fancy Yogurt Pops

In case you can’t tell, we are a dessert family. Singapore is hot, and there are a lot of vendors selling sweet treats to cool you down. There are even 4 ice cream/fro-yo shops outside and around Miss G’s kindergarten, with another currently being built! And yes, she’s been to every single one of them. I even have loyalty cards. We have our fave stalls, and our fave flavours from them. Miss G has become quite the connoisseur of chilled cream. Check my Instagram, there’s proof.

Ice cream is a great summer treat, and it’s awesome to have one in the shade on a hot day… but when you live in perpetual summer, you have to look after your purse-strings.

This recipe is a bit easier than any of my other 7 frozen desserts; 2 ingredients, 5 minutes tops to make. Oh, and I’ve made 2 variations with the same method!

So what’s in it? Vanilla flavoured Greek-style yogurt, with either lemon curd or thick caramel sauce. That being said, you can add any thick dessert sauce, jam or curd you like. It’s one of those ‘chuck-it-in-and-it’ll-be-awesome’ recipes. This is actually also a great way to use up all those little jars of jam and dessert coulis you get given in gift hampers that you just never get around to using on your morning toast or on your dinner party desserts.

And you don’t have to use vanilla Greek yogurt either. You can use just standard plain Greek, or normal vanilla yogurt. The plain Greek will have a bit more bite and tang, and the thinner standard yogurt will be a little bit firmer and icier. But honestly, just use whatever you’ve got. Use your leftovers, this recipe is just a guide.

You’ll notice that I didn’t use measuring cups or spoons in the recipe. That was intentional. It is really hard to scrape dulce de leche out of a measuring cup! I just plonked my mixing bowl onto my electric scales, zeroed it, spooned out my yogurt, zeroed it again, then spooned out my caramel or lemon on top of the yogurt already in the bowl, and then I was ready to whisk then pour into moulds. 1 mixing bowl, 2 spoons, 1 whisk, 1 set of moulds. That’s it. If you don’t have a set of electric scales, they are worth investing in. I was lucky enough to find mine in an op-shop, but check out House, Matchbox or Myer during a sale, or check Kmart or Target. I use mine daily.

What else do I need to tell you about these babies? The recipe makes a small batch, I got 5 pops from my Kmart moulds. They are rich and creamy, they taste like a cheesecake on a stick! They are soft to the bite, very easy to pull out of the moulds but can also be fast to melt so watch out!

Also, if you do go the caramel way, please don’t use normal caramel topping!! It’s too thin, and too sweet! You need a thick caramel like dulce de leche, Confiture de lait, or even the good ol’ Top & Fill tins. Just make sure it’s thick.

Fancy Yogurt Pops

Time: 5 min preparation, plus freezing time

Yield: 4-6 pops, depending on mould size

  • 250g vanilla flavoured Greek-style yogurt
  • 80g thick caramel sauce or lemon curd

In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the yogurt and the caramel or curd until combined.

Spoon into moulds, insert pop stick and freeze until set.

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  1. The Knight says:

    These ones are yummy. So tangy yet at the same time sweet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mandismaking says:

      They are a big fave in our house at the moment, I’m about to make a double batch of lemon pops!


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